An analysis of the 2000 us presidential campaign between al gore and george w bush

Interestingly, or unusually, the nation really displayed a partisan "Red" vs. This study shows a less decisive result than the count of only undervotes. And while there will be time enough to debate our continuing differences, now is the time to recognize that that which unites us is greater than that which divides us.

Andrew Gumbel is author of Down for the Count: Election ; Close-up view of satellite trucks parked by the Florida State Capitol during the Presidential election vote dispute On November 8,the Florida Division of Elections reported that Bush won with You can read a full timeline here.

I also accept my responsibility, which I will discharge unconditionally, to honor the new President-elect and do everything possible to help him bring Americans together in fulfillment of the great vision that our Declaration of Independence defines and that our Constitution affirms and defends.

The study shows that Bush likely would have won the statewide recount of undervotes even if the U. And I say to our fellow members of the world community, let no one see this contest as a sign of American weakness.

Finally, when all of the ballots were counted, Vice President Gore actually had more of the popular vote than Governor Bush. Trump, of course, would be within his rights to pursue recounts if the election is close.

In the words of our great hymn, "America, America": On November 14, the statutory deadline, the Florida Circuit Court ruled that the seven-day deadline was mandatory, but that the counties could amend their returns at a later date.

According to 28 U. Florida had to do a recount. Sanders, for the most part, falls in between the two. Let me say how grateful I am to all those who supported me and supported the cause for which we have fought. But the vice president also looked and sounded about as appealing as a case of the flu.

The history of 'rigged' US elections: from Bush v Gore to Trump v Clinton

Recounting by that standard, Bush would have won by votes, narrower than his vote official margin. Less than half the sites offered any links to information on the policy stances of the candidates.

His running mate, Senator Joe Liebermanwas an observant Jew who often talked about increasing the role of religion in public life [ Then the networks uncalled Florida — and Gore unconceded, realizing that he was ahead in the popular vote and if he ended up winning Florida he would have won the election.

This is America and we put country before party; we will stand together behind our new president. Video became a bigger part of the information stream.

Supreme Court was deliberating on Bush v. Likewise, if Florida's 67 counties had carried out the hand recount of disputed ballots ordered by the Florida Supreme Court on December 8, applying the standards that election officials said they would have used, Bush would have emerged the victor by votes.

As the rest of the states reported their results, Florida remained as "too close to call. Bush argued that Article II gives the federal judiciary the power to interpret state election law in presidential elections to ensure that the intent of the state legislature is followed.

Obama was the only candidate to exceed ,; most had fewer than 40, This was cheating, and a violation of the judicial oath.One unique feature of the presidential election of between George W Bush and Al Gore is that 1.

The election of 2000

the Supreme Court played an important role in the final outcome. Normally, if the outcome of the presidential election is not clear, the final decision passes to the House of Representatives for a  · Just moments ago, I spoke with George W.

Bush and congratulated him on becoming the 43rd president of the United States. And I promised him that I wouldn't call him back this time. I offered to meet with him as soon as possible so that we can start to heal the divisions of the campaign and the The current study is an empirical test of the degree to which these models were manifested in the televised debates between George W.

Bush and Al Gore before the US presidential elections. While the results show little metaphorical language which would directly support the proposed models, many expressions were found which follow from the  · After the grueling day Florida recount battle, Al Gore conceded the presidency to George W.

Bush on December 13,  · declared that Al Gore, the Democratic presidential candidate, had won the election in Florida. Later that night, they retracted their prediction, announcing that George W.

Bush, the Republican candidate, had carried the state of Florida, and had won the · The United States presidential election of was a contest between Republican candidate George W.

Bush, then-governor of Texas and son of former president George H. W. Bush (–), and Democratic candidate Al Gore, then-Vice

An analysis of the 2000 us presidential campaign between al gore and george w bush
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