Adelphia fraud

Adelphia founder gets 15-year term; son gets 20

The investigation, led by Adelphia fraud. Revised and reprinted in Williams Adelphia fraud A former Adelphia assistant treasurer, Michael Mulcahey, was acquitted of all criminal charges. To take a stock example of much current discussion, suppose that unless A violates the deontological duty not to torture an innocent person Bten, or a thousand, or a million other innocent people will die because of a hidden nuclear device.

Adelphia founder John Rigas found guilty

Of course, Nozick, perhaps inconsistently, also acknowledges the existence of moral catastrophes. Some think, for example, that one can transform a prohibited intention into a permissible predictive belief and thus escape intention-focused forms of agent-relative duty by the simple expedient of finding some other end with which to motivate the action in question.

The remaining four strategies for dealing with the problem of dire consequence cases all have the flavor of evasion by the deontologist. Rigas, and James P. Under the terms of the agreements governing these Co-Borrowing Credit Facilities, each co-borrower may borrow up to the entire amount of the available credit under the applicable Co-Borrowing Credit Facility.

SEC Charges Adelphia and Rigas Family With Massive Financial Fraud

Of course, one might be somewhat blameworthy on consequentialist grounds Hurdor perhaps not Adelphia fraud at all Moore and Hurd The suit alleges that the Rigases "regularly conducted their business activities with the sole purpose of benefiting themselves at the expense of Adelphia" and borrowed company funds that "either directly or indirectly, unjustly enriched the Rigas family directors and other Rigas family members.

The moral plausibility of agent-centered theories is rooted here. Indeed, such source of human actions in willing is what plausibly connects actions to the agency that is of moral concern on the agent-centered version of deontology.

Adelphia issues Class A shares of common stock, which are registered with the Commission pursuant to Section 12 g of the Exchange Act, 15 U. Likewise, a deontologist can claim that we know the content of deontological morality by direct intuition, by Kantian reflection on our normative situation, or by reaching reflective equilibrium between our particular moral judgments and the theories we construct to explain them theories of intuitions.

More generally, it is counterintuitive to many to think that any of us have a right to be aided. That is, each of us may not use John, even when such using of John would minimize usings of John by others in the future.

Adelphia Communications Corporation

Alternatively, suppose our agent-relative obligation were not to intend to kill—does that mean we could not justify forming such an intention when good consequences would be the result, and when we are sure we cannot act so as to fulfill such intention Hurd ?

A consequentialist cannot, assuming none of the consequentialists' defensive maneuvers earlier referenced work. The bureau had alleged that in one sales contest, American Express Financial Advisors offered advisers who sold the most company funds a free one-year lease on a Mercedes Benz.

Most deontologists reject Taurek's radical conclusion that we need not be morally more obligated to avert harm to the many than to avert harm to the few; but they do accept the notion that harms should not be aggregated. Rigas is 44 years old and resides in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. Rigas resigned from his position as CEO and Chairman of Adelphia, and on or about May 23,resigned his position as a director of Adelphia, pursuant to a request by the Special Committee.

It disallows consequentialist justifications whenever: View quick bios of the arrested Adelphia executives, and read a timeline of recent events in the investigation.

Deloitte to Pay $165M in Adelphia Case

Whereas for the deontologist, there are acts that are neither morally wrong nor demanded, some—but only some—of which are morally praiseworthy.Jul 09,  · The two bank fraud counts focused on whether the defendants lied to Adelphia's lenders about company's revenue to obtain lower interest rates.

During deliberations, the jurors requested both exhibits and transcript pages by specific number, but never asked a legal question. Securities fraud, also known as "stock fraud" or "investment fraud," is a deceptive practice related to the stock or commodities markets and designed to induce investors to buy or sell on the basis of false information.

This often results in financial losses and is a violation of securities laws. Securities fraud can include theft from investors (embezzlement by stockbrokers), insider trading.

The word deontology derives from the Greek words for duty (deon) and science (or study) of (logos).In contemporary moral philosophy, deontology is one of those kinds of normative theories regarding which choices are morally required, forbidden, or permitted.

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Adelphia Communications Corporation

International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. 4 No. 7; July Forensic Accounting and Financial Fraud in Nigeria: An Empirical Approach.

Aug 23,  · The end of the Adelphia saga. The Adelphia Communications saga finally comes to a close as John and Tim Rigas go to prison. A summary of one of the biggest scandals in US history. by .

Adelphia fraud
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